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By: Morgan Griffith on November 23rd, 2020

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Permit to Drive: Navigating State-by-State Holiday Restrictions

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A year quite different from any other – at least unofficially – is drawing to a close. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving differently this year with smaller gatherings, staycations, and perhaps a few more outdoor excursions than in years past. Millions of others, it is estimated, will continue with their travel plans this holiday weekend. 

The business of receiving and delivering essential goods doesn’t stop because of the holidays. For states that typically require carriers to have permits and registrations, additional restrictions may be in place over the holidays in an increased effort to keep travelers safe. 

Permits frequently impacted by holiday restrictions are State Blanket Permits and Annual Permits. 

  • State Blanket Permits are written authorizations granted by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for the movement of a vehicle and its indivisible load over state and interstate highways. Indivisible loads are loads that can’t be easily broken apart, such as construction equipment. Each state has specific laws that help regulate the size and weight of these loads, so permit requirements can differ from state-to-state. If a state enforces blanket permit restrictions, it is possible that no travel will be allowed for loads of certain heights or weights on specific days of the year. 
  • Annual Permits are issued to operators who transport oversize (OS) or overweight (OW) loads through one or more states on a regular basis. Annual permits – versus single trip permits – allow for lower per-trip fees and more flexibility in scheduling trips. By comparison, a single trip permit may be better suited to a carrier tasked with hauling the occasional OS/OW load. Certainly, OS/OW loads present potential safety issues for shared roadways which is just one reason for increased holiday permit restrictions. 

Before setting out on the open – or perhaps increasingly crowded – roadways, carriers, customers and brokers should be mindful of state-by-state permit restrictions. WCS Permits & Pilot Cars offers a comprehensive list to help carriers stay advised of travel allowances for the Thursday holiday. 

While travel volumes and festivities might look different this year, we wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday! 

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