Heavy Haul & OD

Over 150,000 pounds? We've got you covered. Armstrong is experienced in the unique needs of overweight and oversized freight.

Some Say Size Doesn't Matter. We Agree!

If you've never shipped overweight or oversized freight, the process may seem overwhelming. Armstrong has specialized teams devoted exclusively to heavy haul and over-dimensional loads. We're ready to tackle every detail of your shipment, from route surveys to additional insurance for high-value items.




If your shipment qualifies as overweight/oversized, you'll need to secure permits. Armstrong can help you navigate federal, state, and local regulations.


Route Planning

Don't get bogged down by the details. We'll identify the most efficient, cost-effective route from pickup point to destination.


Escort Car Service

Does your overweight and oversized load require an escort car and signage? We can assess what's needed to complete your shipment.


Additional Insurance

From all risk to gap insurance we have cost-effective options for additional coverage to make sure your load is insured on the road. 

See What Our Customers Say

From bananas to paper products and everything in between, Armstrong has the experience and know-how to move your freight.

Kirby Manufacturing

"Being a 74-year-old company, we've experienced many trucking challenges. We started working with Armstrong Transport Group in 2013, and they have earned the privilege of being our exclusive truck broker. DLB Freight has helped find solutions for our oversized loads and has seamlessly delivered our products to several US seaports."

Ric K. • Kirby Manufacturing

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